Why YOU need TickerExplorer


Why TickerExplorer makes the difference

Experience first of all

TickerExplorer is what YOU need for successful Day Trading

When you trade the markets, you need a professional trading software designed to cope with a wide range of market conditions.

Our Team spent years in developing a professional platform, truly tick based, in which every single trading indicator has been developed to provide the highes level of accuracy.

This is what YOU need to Trade the markets: Accuracy, Reliability and professional Trading Online Experience.


TickerExplorer Online Trading Platform volume profile

TickerExplorer specializes in Volume analysis and Order Flow Trading

This is what TickerExplorer Trading platform is developed to accomplish.

Trading the Order Flow and Volume Profile requires the most powerful trading technology. Technology doesn’t need to overcomplicate things and this is why our Team spent a considerable amout of time to develope a Trading Platform which gets difficult things easy to read and understand.

No fancy named and unnecessary overcomplicated trading tools

OrderFlow and Volume Profile. That’s it!

Trading the Volume Profile and reading the Order Flow is now much easier than ever. Everyging at your finger tips. Clear. Easy to read and understand.

TickerExplorer’s tools and Instruments are designed to keep your eyes focused over the market activity “on the right side of the chart”, from analytics to trade management, all in a single place.

Trading volume profile classroom

Nobody is left behind

If you feel you need to understand more… or if you want to be a part of a group of serious traders, here we go!

Every TickerExplorer’s active subscribers can partecipate to aour trading group. It is not meant to be a “buy here…sell there”, instead it is a place to share ideas and and lear in deep with bi-weekly learning webinars.

Nobody is left behind. That’s is a very ambitious plan and goal!

All premium webinars and e-learning events are exclusively dedicated to active subscribers.

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