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How to work with workspaces, templates and studies.

TickerExplorer handles the workspaces, templates and studies as a container of settings and information. Each of them it is saved on your computer within the “documents” forder.

A workspace is a container of charts and settings for every chart (including positions, indicators and drawing objects)

A template is a chart setup usefult to open a chart and apply the same indicators and customisation setup (like a single chart with blue background, delta volume, order frequency and whatever usefulf.

A study is a collection of drawing objects present on a single chart.

This tool is very helpful to define supports and resistances on a longer time frame chart (usually before the trading session) and then, each study can be imported to the intraday trading chart.

I strongly suggest to use a naming for the studies which reflects the study itself (like ES daily levels or whatever you prefer).

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