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Trading Indicators available

TickerExplorer offers a wide range of indicators built entirely to trade better the Volume Profile and Order Flow.

Every indicator is coded and built to provide the perfect blend between precision and quality of information.

TickerExplorer is the Platform to Trade Volume Profile and Order Flow and because of this all Indicators are built on volumes and Trades.

The following list includes a serie of proprietary indicators, such as Dagger, Imbalances and many others.

The following indicators (standard and non standard) are available:

  • Price (yes, the price is an indicator!)
  • Global Volume Distribution
  • Naked Volume Poc
  • Last Price
  • Volume
  • Enhanced Volume
  • Enhanced Price
  • Delta Volume
  • Delta Aplitude
  • Delta Volume Rotations
  • Vwap (Daily – Weekly – Full)
  • Delta Vwap
  • Day Range
  • Cumulative Volume (Daily – Weekly – Full)
  • Concentration Points
  • Extreme Concentration Points
  • EMA / SMA averages
  • ATR / AHL true range indicators
  • ZigZag
  • Order Frequency
  • Order Frequency OHLC
  • Order Frequency Amplitude
  • One Shot
  • Range OHLC
  • Imbalance levels (daily and weekly)
  • Dagger Scalping Indicator (available to auto trade)
  • Dagger Cotninuation (available to auto trade)
  • Inside Job
  • Histogram Overlay (periodic and time based available)
  • DBO Histogram (MBO indluding filetring and different kind of views)
  • DBO Sum and Domination

This list of available indicator is sublected to change over time.

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