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How to open a trading chart

To open a chart in TickerExplorerV4 you MUST be connected to a datafeed provider.

Please check the supported data feed providers.

The first step is to select the menù “New” and then “Chart”. On the window opening, type the instrument name (can vary from data provider to data provider).

The structure of the instrument naming and expiration can be found here.

As an example, using Rithmic datafeed solution, the structuire is:

Instrument root name (ES for e-mini S$P500)

Contract expiration month and year (M1 is June 2021 for US futures… H2 is March 2022…)

Exchange name: CME is for Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The final Instrument name (as and example) MUST be ESM1.CME for e-miniS&P500 June 2021 contract. (Eurex has a different expiry structire, so numbers instead letters, so June2121 is 0621 and a valid instrument could be: FDAX0621.EUREX)

After the instrument name, click on “Search”. If the instrument is found, iw till be then possible to set the timeframe, the historical days to load and everything available to fit your needs.

Video is in Italian

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