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What Instruments are available in TickerExplorerV4?

TickerExplorerV4 allows Traders to chart (and Trade) the major US and Eu futures and the SPMIB40 Stocks.

It is strongly suggested to analyse and trade “ultra liquid” instruments, such as the major US and Eu index futures, bonds and Commodities, as well as the major FX pairs.

Please check your Broker and datafeed provider for additional Exchanges enablement.

The following Instruments are fully supported:

  • Nasdaq 100 Futures (mini and micro)
  • S&P500 (mini and micro)
  • Russell Futures (mini and micro)
  • EUR/USD Future (mini and micro)
  • British Pund (mini and micro)
  • Japanese Yen (mini)
  • Canadian Dollar (mini and micro)
  • Dow Jones Futures (mini and micro)
  • Gold Futures (mini and micro)
  • Crude Oil Futures (mini and micro)
  • Gasoline Futures RBOB
  • Natural Gas Futures (mini and micro)
  • Eurex Dax Futures (full – mini – micro )
  • Eurex EuroStoxx (full and micro)
  • Eurex BUND futures
  • Eurex BTP futures
  • Eurex Bobl Futures
  • Eurex Schatz Futures
  • Eurex Euro OAT Futures
  • 10 Year T-NOTE US Futures
  • Treasury Note Futures
  • Ultra Bond US Future
  • Chicago SRW Futures Wheat
  • Soybean Futures
  • Corn Futures
  • SPMIB40 Futures
  • SPMIB40 Stocks

This Instruments list may vary without notice and it is subjected to market data enablements.

Please check with your Broker for the market data enablement.

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